Globus Hosting provides support options through knowledge base and Video Tutorials for Quick Reference to most common techinical Queries

Support Services Overview

Cost efficiency is essential for every business. Cost effective reseller hosting, however, is just half of the solution that we provide. The other half is comprised of fast and accurate customer support, accessible 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and world-class customer services. We are dedicated to providing timely and accurate answers to your inquiries. Any time you have any questions, comments or suggestions you can feel free to contact us! Our team of dedicated and professional staff strives to answer customer requests as quickly as possible.

  • Client Area / Billing
Use the client area to make changes to your account, invoice payments and contacting support

  • Knowledge Base
The knowledgebase has answers to most frequently asked questions and is organized into different categories with searchable options

  • Support Tickets
If you do not find the appropriate answer or still have a question you may always open a support ticket 24x7

  • Flash Tutorials
Learn how to manage FTP, Email, DNS and many more hosting features with tutorial videos explaning tasks you would need to perform on your hosting account

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